http://www.mydonorcycle.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/pregnant_couple.jpg“I would highly recommend Lilly as a donor coordinator to any intended parent. She is so responsive by email and phone and I felt like I could always get a hold of her in a reasonable time frame. She is very warm, friendly and very knowledgeable regarding the egg donor process. I was in a particular time crunch and she immediately set to work to make our cycling happen quickly. You won’t be disappointed with Lilly. In fact, that is why I decided to use my 2nd donor again through the same agency that I worked with last year. Good luck to everyone!” – Sherry

“Thank you so much with your help through everything. You are so personable and knowledgeable. Working with you has been an amazing, much less stressful, experience.” – Donor “Samantha2020”

“Lilly really has been a God send to my husband and I. She has been so helpful, it has made our fertility experience a lot less stressful. She has always been there to answer any questions or concerns we may have had. If it was something that we needed for her to look into, she always got back to us in a timely manner. We were so comfortable with her and grateful for the kind and caring treatment she has always shown, that when our first transfer did not take, we had no doubt in our mind that we wanted to work with her again!! We love working with Lilly and would highly recommend her to anyone who is on this sometimes trying journey. It is nice to have someone you can trust and who cares!” Thanks Lilly, for everything. – Jorge and Judy Moreno Chicago, IL

“We could not have been happier with the support and service Lilly provided to us. We didn’t know anything about the egg donor process starting out, and needed to gain a lot of knowledge in a short span of time. With Lilly’s personal as well as professional experience in this field, she is able to give you great advice and coach you through the many complex new areas you’ll be entering including donor selection, legal, insurance, doctor coordination, and cycle planning. She did a fantastic job of getting us up-to-speed quickly in all of those areas, and we could always get a hold of her via email or phone whenever we had a question or needed some advice (typically within hours). Without her assistance, this process would of been much more complicated and stressful for us. And we probably would of spent endless hours researching different topics on the Internet. We’re glad to have found her and would never use any other donor coordinator if we decide to add to our family in the future”. – Expecting Parents – Chicago, IL

“I have worked with My Donor Cycle on two egg donor cycles. Our first cycle was successful, however I developed pre-eclampsia, and we had to start with another egg donor, this time with a surrogate. Lilly is always reachable (or prompt at returning calls and e-mails) and a good communicator in a not-always-easy job. We had some particular challenges, which Lilly handled well, fairly, and professionally. The cycle coordination, both times, went smoothly also. I felt very comfortable in the hands and hearts of My Donor Cycle. It has been a blessing to have them a part of this unique and hopeful journey with us!” – Hopeful Intended Parents

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