Recipient Info – Surrogates Donor Cycle Surrogate Program Information

Thank you for considering My Donor Cycle for your upcoming surrogate cycle. My Donor Cycle works with surrogates all over the country. All surrogates are prescreened for criminal histories and prior medical records are reviewed for potential issues. The surrogate process can be a complex one and working with the best coordinators and surrogates are critical for success. For a list of prices and anticipated costs, please contact one of our coordinators. Please reach out to for international clients and for domestic cycles.

Please contact Lilly Frost with My Donor Cycle at or at 650.241.4165 to gain access to a list of available surrogates. If you already have a username and password, please click here to view surrogate options: VIEW SURROGATES

To filter the surrogates from the egg donors, please use the “Type” filter and select “Surrogate”. Please note, if you do not find a suitable surrogate currently listed, please notify Lilly Frost and she will determine if a suitable candidate can be found through one of our sister sites.

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