http://www.mydonorcycle.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/couple_cpu.jpgQ. Why do I need a coordinator?

A. Donor cycle agreements are entered into with the best of intentions. You want a wonderful baby and your donor wants to help. Unfortunately, issues can come up. A donor cycles involves your donor making and meeting many appointments over two to four months and much can change in the interim. We have relationships with most donors and we work to cultivate those relationships to assure we are able to understand your donor’s frame of mind. We book travel, make appointments, make sure everyone attends those important appointments, provide health and wellness advice and most importantly, we maintain the buffer between you and your donor and ensure the relationship remains anonymous. We also serve as your advocate to your clinic and in contract discussions with your donor. We keep our eyes open to issues which may result in a critical delay in your cycle and we navigate past them to ensure a smooth and successful cycle.

Q. What happens if I pay My Donor Cycle and my donor changes her mind about donating?

A. Our job is to work with donors to assure there are no surprises. We keep in close contact with your donor to ensure she is on board with your joint goals. If we fail at our job your money is able to be applied to a new donor without additional charges. If you have paid for advertising, we will run additional ads without further charges. You will NOT be left out in the cold.

Q. What makes My Donor Cycle qualified to coordinate my cycle?

A. Lilly has been a four time donor and has worked coordinating other donor’s cycles throughout much of the country. She has experienced the challenges of egg donation personally and professionally and is experienced with and very aware of the critical moments when donating. This awareness and insight helps her addressing growing issues before they become a serious problem to your donor’s cycle.

Q. What type of screening do you do on your donors?

A. Before a donor is listed on the website, we will do an internet search (MySpace, Facebook and other networking sites) to be sure the information she has provided is consistent with any posted information. After you have selected a donor, a background check will be performed and if requested, a credit check will be run as well. In addition, Universities are contacted to verify degrees received and transcripts are reviewed to verify GPA.

Q. Are there any guarantees on your services?

A. If your cycle completes and is unsuccessful, you can choose another donor with My Donor Cycle and pay a reduced fee of $2,500 for coordination only services. If you have paid for advertising in your first cycle, we will run reasonable ads to assist in finding a new donor. Though unusual, you may choose this option as many times as needed. If your donor is unable to proceed because of medical issues, you can choose another donor free of charge.

Q. Can I meet the egg donor I choose?

A. If your donor is comfortable meeting you, a meeting can be arranged after your contracts are in place and all fees have been paid.

Q. When are the various fees due?

A. The match and coordination fee are due before any identifying information can be sent to your clinic. If your donor is traveling, the travel funds MUST be on file two weeks prior to travel plans (determined by your clinic). Your donor fee must be paid prior to your donor starting her injections. If your donor fee is not on file when your donor is scheduled to begin her injections, she will not be able to continue on schedule. This is to protect your donor and ensure payment is available as contracted.

Q. How can I reach My Donor Cycle and how quickly can I expect a response?

A. You can call My Donor Cycle at 650.241.4165 or email to Lilly@mydonorcycle.com. The office line will forward to a cell phone if no one is in the office and emails are forwarded to a handheld device. You should get a response within two hours during business hours and 24 hours on the weekends. If your question is urgent, please email and note “Urgent” in your subject line.

Q. What clinics does My Donor Cycle work with?

A. My Donor Cycle has worked with many clinics all over the US but we are always open to working with new clinics. If the clinic you are working with is not on the list, it’s okay. When your cycle begins, we will discuss your clinics requirements to ensure a smooth cycle.

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