Welcome Potential Donors

The decision to become a donor can be a difficult yet rewarding one and women have many reasons to make this choice. Research should be done when deciding if donation is right for you. Once you have made your choice to move forward with egg donation you can click the link below and complete the Donor Pre-Screening Form. 

Common Questions Answered

What is the time commitment for egg donation?

The time from selection to completion of a cycle varies but typically ranges from two to four months. If you are traveling to the donation site, you can expect to be out of town for about 10 days (travel is paid for by the intended parents).

How quickly will I be matched?

This depends on what the intended parents are looking for at the time. If you are responding to an ad and you meet the qualifications, it is likely you will have requests made for more information and the quicker you respond to the request, the more likely you will be matched quickly. 

Do I have control over the recipients of my donation?

If you voice a preference for an open donation prior to signing agreements, we will do our best to provide you with information about the couple that the couple has approved and agreed to. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of egg donation and infertility, we are not able to work with donors who unilaterally discriminate on basis of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

What qualifies me to be a donor?

Donors must be in good health with a good family health history. You must be a non-smoker and height wight proportionate. College educated donors are prefered and will typically receive higher compensation but donors without college education will be considered. You must be responsible and reliable. Also, most clinics will not work with donors who are not between 21-30 years of age. 

What compensation is involved?

Compensation varies and is typically noted in the placed ads. Your first donation will typically be between $3,500 and $5,000 (in some cases higher) and your subsequent donations can be up to $10,000.

When does payment occur?

You will be paid once the donation is complete and retrieval has occurred. You are paid whether or not your intended parent becomes pregnant and your only obligations to assure payment is to follow the physician’s directions and arrive on time to all of your scheduled appointments. 

How do I find out more?

It is important to do your own research on surrogacy but Lilly Frost at My Donor Cycle can also be a great resource. You can call to set up a phone appointment to discuss your questions and concerns. If you would like to speak with any of our prior surrogates about their experience, we would be happy to set it up for you. Lilly can be reached at 650.208.6015 or by email at

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